Today I knitted this litle critter !  Super cute, and finished in 60 minutes! Maybee I will write down the pattern tomorrow if I have time! 


cute hairpin tutorial!

Hi ! It's been a while since I last updated! 
I've been very busy at Uni, and the time for writing has not really presented itself until now! 
Today I made some cute hairpins, and I like to share with you how they were made! 
you need; 
glass beads
a sewingneedle 
a hairpin!
first you need to knit !  For the pink tie I knitted 1cm x 4,5 cm stockinette , and for the gold one 1,5 cm x 7 cm garter stitch. Its important that the leftover ends from binding off and casting on are atleast 10 cm, maybee even longer! 
tread the needle on one of the ends and sew the ends together!
when you are finished, tie the strings together
it should look lite this when you are done
take one of the strings and wrap it around the tube. The seam should be in the midle of the back.
Tie the strings together again, and pull tightly! secure with a second knot.
 It is suposed to look like this!
Now string the beads on one of the treads 
wrap the string with the beads around again, like this:
tie the two strings tightly again in the back. 
faten the ends, and atach the hairpin!
If you like you can use glue to make it more stable:)  
good luck and keep up the crafting! 

new Ideas

I've been kind of in a slump lately. There is so much schoolwork to do, and I haven't really found the time nor will to knit.

Yesterday I went to the yarn-shop in my town. It's a really neat shop, with a lot of different brands. I found some really nice yarns, so I hope that this will give me some inspiration back.

As you know I don't knit other peoples patterns at all right now. I usually just pick a yarn and needles and start knitting. I always write down every step of the way, and that's how all my patterns are born.

But anyway! What kind of patterns / stuff would you like to see here on my blog? I really feel that I need some encouragement and ideas!